Comment on the conflict in Georgia, Caucasus:

- According to the census 1989 in Abkhazia were living 48% Georgians, 17% Abkhaz and 35% others and in South-Ossetia 66,4% Ossetians, 29,0% Georgians and 4,8% others

- In the war at the beginning of the 90s around 220.000 Georgians were displaced from Abkhazia and South-Ossetia with the support of Russia (only few Georgian stayed)

- In the end of the 90s Russia distributed passports to Ossetians and Abkhaz on Georgian territory, to have an pretext for a militarian intervention (protection of own citizens). Thats like if Germany would give German passports to Kurds to destabilze Turkey.

-During Sovjet-times Abkhaz and Ossetians lived peacefully inside the Georgian Sovjet Republic

- The conflict also involves private interests of russian deputies and bussines men, who own most of the beautiful beach parcels along the Abkhaz coast

-Russia claimed Chechnya for the apartment bombings in Moskva 1999 and justified its invasion in Chechnya with that. The causes of the bombings were never clarified.

-Putin and his fellows are former members of the KGB

-NATO-Russia: Clearly more countries decide to join the USA or Western Europe and not Russia. Every country should be able to choose its allies